Good to know

Swedish Hasbeens shoes are hand-made using the same craftsmanship as in the the 70s which is kind to people and nature. We use natural materials and you could pretty much bury your shoes in your garden.

Like all hand-made stuff using natural materials every pair will be unique which is a sign of quality. So don’t worry if the wood varies in color and if there are twigs in it. Natural grain leather may also have marks and may vary in color and thickness.The untreated natural colored leather will darken with time. The colored leather, like black, might rub off on other light stuff. The color on the painted wooden sole and the rubber sole will wear off in a natural way with time.

Hand-made stuff with natural materials just makes you more unique… which is really great…if you like being unique that is…

How can you make sure your kids will inherit the shoes?

The natural grain leather

Don’t get mad. The natural grain leather will soften and stretch with wear and one day fit like a glove… a foot-glove. The leather will look better the more you wear it. Put some olive oil on the untreated natural colored leather (not nubuck or colored leather) and it will look better and you’ll get a better resistance to dirt and water. Even better just use your shoes in dry weather, since wood and natural leather really don’t like moister and if fully soaked they will stretch a lot!

The wood

Wood is a hard but fragile material so watch out for knocking the back of the heel into stairs or edges of sidewalks since the wood might chip. Chips are also super-easy to glue back on since its natural materials. Here is something unique: sandpaper can remove marks and dirt from the wood and you can also use some olive oil on the wood for protection.

The rubber sole

The rubber sole is glued on and will loosen by time since wood is a natural living material. It’s super-easy to glue it back on or get a new bio-degradable one at your local shoe repair shop.

The buckle

Open the buckle when taking your shoe on or off. Not only will it be easier, it will also make it last way longer.

The leather sole

Protect the leather sole from dirt and moisture with a leather cream (we’re sure your local shoemaker / heel bar can recommend a great one). To protect the leather front sole from wearing out, it’s also a great idea to have a rubber sole put on (or a bio-degradable sole). This is super-easy to do at your local shoemaker / heel bar. This is also because a rubber sole is less expensive to replace than the leather sole and will make the sole more resistant to moisture. If a rubber sole is properly applied, it is barely be noticed when worn.

The natural rubber soles

The natural rubber sole is really comfortable to walk on and great as a sole since it’s soft and flexible yet with strength and durability. However please note that it is a natural, organic material and as such it can be sensitive to very strong heat, making it sticky and in the long run making it hard and dry. Just like our other natural shoe materials like cork, leather and wood, natural rubber is a living material so please take care of it, dry it slowly, don’t expose it to
extreme heat, talk to it and the shoes should last for your grand kids.

Overall these shoes are really comfortable and kind to your feet and with the right care your kids will think their mom was super-cool way back in the 2010’s…

Good luck!