A touching variation of our famous cushions this time honors the majesty of African animals. A collection dear to our hearts! Handmade - Unique piece70x40 cm

75 €

Choice of materials, combination of colors, unexpected marriage of different weavings and screen printing of a face give this cushion a unique and authentic character. Its evocative presence in your bedroom, your living room, ... certainly opens onto another place.Handmade - Unique piece70X40cm

75 €

Choice of materials, combination of colors, unexpected marriage of different traditional weavings and screen prints inspired by the henna tradition, give this cushion its unique character.A touch of originality in your interior!Handmade - Unique piece65X35 cm

65 €
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Our t-shirts are entirely handmade ... which gives everyone a unique character ... what luxury! The loose shape offers you comfort and modernity for this summer, while being light ... Handmade - Cotton / Viscose - Off-white - Slightly transparent - Washing recommended 30 ° Unique size

55 €

From the smallest to the largest, these covers reproduce the old-fashioned charm of postcards from Morocco of yesteryear. Evening clutch or IPAD clutch, the choice is yours! Handmade - Velvet / Fez Embroidery29X22cm

40 €

Hanging on the wall,this wall hanging asserts itself and opens certainly on an elsewhere .... This reproduction of Orientalist postcards offer to your interior a warm and original presence. Chenille velvet print Size 130x90cmOpen hem up and down 4cm

150 €

Their use is multiple, ultra practical they are of all circumstances and complete an outfit of their undeniable refinement. The pompoms finishes are handmade, in sabra, the vegetable silk of the cactus. What will be yours? Handmade - Unique piece - Knit120x170 cm

55 €

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